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Jo Southwell

Company Director, Executive Producer & Director

Jo is an award-winning director, noted for her ability to cast, create drama, evoke emotion and pace a script to screen.  Having worked as a shadow director on  KILLING EVE and TRIGGER POINT she is now moving into continuing drama, most recently on Doctors for the BBC. 


Jo’s passion for human led, emotionally driven stories lay the foundations of her work. Currently in development with original TV series, OLI (Sara Gibbings / TROY TV); The Sleeper (StoryFirst / Dominic Barlow); feature films Deirdre of the Sorrows (Nadia Jaynes / Little Monk Pictures) and LOYALTY - WINNER of  JETS at Berlinale in 2022. (Rachel Gold / Bay Horse Productions)


A full voting member of BAFTA


“I grew up watching Star Wars, reading mythology, loving film and wanting to live in the worlds created on screen. As a director I am not afraid to inspire, motivate or challenge. My passion for visual storytelling is paramount. There is nothing more exciting than uncovering what makes the characters tick and creating the palette on which to tell their story.” 


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